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We are looking for young men who want to travel the Midwest, who have a love for the rural communities and like farming, who want to operate large combines and trucks, who want to work in a team environment and have a great time doing it. Those just wanting a job or a paycheck need not apply. The hours can be long but the rewards far outweigh the effort. A once in a life time experience.


Asst. Crew Leader- In this position, the employee will be in charge of running and managing machines located in a different location than the others. This is a full-time position.


Combine Operators- Service, maintain and drive our combines.

Grain Kart Drivers- Service, maintain and drive the tractor/grain karts.

Truck Drivers- Service, maintain and drive our different semis and triple axle trucks.


The monthly salary is paid once a month and deposited to your account of choice. Pay is dependent on experience and capabilities..


The guys that make it happen...

We would appreciate any past members sending us good pictures of past crews to | |


We provide a new 54’ bunkhouse specially built for our crews needs. Built in stereo, satellite TV, kitchen, air conditioning , two bunk rooms with two bath rooms.


All meals are provided. Breakfast, lunch, and a hot cooked evening meal. Trust me, you will not lose weight.


When completed save and email to:

Or print and send to:
Keller Bros Harvesting & Trucking, Inc.
23015 380 Ave.
Ellis, KS 67637

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