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We started getting our new headers in the month of April and went to the factory to pick up our new CASEIH 8240 combines. We put the duals on and installed a couple of sets of experimental tires on two of the combines. The new CASEIH MX 340 tractors got here the first part of May. l also bought a new KINZE 1100 grain kart.      

This years harvest started at Burkburnett on May 22th. Average wheat about 30 bushels.Good go with little trouble and finished on June the 2nd.
Had a good beginning start for the guys.
Started cutting on June 5th. Poor growing weather and an early frost hurt our Alva Oklahoma wheat yields. We only had about two-thirds of our crop acres to do. We also got a rain that made the land really wet and hard to harvest.Had to wait for the no-till land to dry so we wouldn't rut up the fields Finished cutting on June 20th.
After finishing Alva we moved some machines to Guymon and some to Ellis , KS. Irrigated wheat at Guymon that yielded pretty good and dryland wheat at Ellis. Some of the wheat was good and some very poor. We also went to Gove and did some stripper head harvest of really good wheat. Also had a new job at Grainfield to Oakley that had been hailed on. 



The wheat was ready to harvest when we got there and it was real good cutting.It didn't take long to harvest for our regular customer. There was 4-80's that we didn't harvest because it got a head smut disease that no one take. Good yields on the rest of the wheat.



The wheat was very good at Hayes this year with yields out in the field of over 100+ bu/acre. The fields averaged in the 60 to 80 bu/acre. Lots of trucking and the elevators were full and the farmers bins fill up fast. At times we had to park a combine so the grain karts and trucks could keep up. We also had a couple of big fields to harvest, one was 2200+ acres and one was 3200+acres. Takes a lot of grain karting.

This is the third year that we worked in the Reeder area for our farmer. A very good job as we work with our farmer as they have one combine and we run two and the grain kart for all three. One of our most favorite jobs. They had very good yielding wheat but was low protein which is becoming a problem.



There was lots of wet weather and muddy conditions this spring and our big farm only got about 45% of their crops planted. Very little barley and wheat so we went to Sherwood and worked for several different farmers. The spring wheat had 50-60 bu yields but we fought lots of muddy conditions and where stuck a least 2-3 times per day. Thanks for the farmers with their Quad-tracs to pull us out.


We left two combines and a grain kart in Westhope North Dakota for canola and soybeans. The boys on our farm ran the equipment to do the canola and then started on the soybeans. We sent two of our men back to do the last 2-3 weeks of soybeans. The fields were still muddy and we got stuck and had to dodge the wet water holes but the weather was good and the beans made between 25 and 45 bu/acre. Finished there about Oct 28th



This is our first stop for fall corn harvest and it is high moisture corn. From 24% to 32 % moisture levels. The corn yields were real good and weather was good. We had to come back and finished the last part of the corn as dry corn. Had to haul it about 20 miles. Had lots of combines running at the time so had a local trucker help us haul some of the corn.


.We started by harvesting high moisture milo at Gove and hauling to Lane County. Good yielding milo but was very wet and hard to harvest cleanly. We then started on the dryland corn and harvested with one of our combines and one of the farmers. Good dryland corn yields and we bagged a lot of the corn.

We also started harvesting dryland corn in the Oakley area. Some of this corn was put in an ag-bag, some to a feedlot and some to the ethanol plant at Campus. We started using a new CASEIH corn head that we liked a lot. Good stalk cut and it was good about not butt shelling. Nice low profile also.


  Our corn and milo harvest at Ellis had really good yields. The corn was from 85 to 119 bu/acre and milo was from 55 to 131 bu/acre. Both the corn and milo stood real good and was easy to harvest. We use the new CASEIH head for the corn harvest and used both a JD 1230 rowhead and the 40' draper heads for the milo. We also did a field of irrigated soybeans that yielded in 70 + bu/acre range.

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